Red Line

The Transportation Alliance supports the construction of the Baltimore Red Line, a 14-mile east-west light rail line that will connect hubs of employment and economic activity in Baltimore City and County as well as connect three existing rail lines – the Metro Subway, the north-south light rail, and the MARC Penn Line – into an integrated regional rail system. The State has included the project in its current and future budgets, the federal government has recommended $900 million in federal funds, and local governments have also agreed to chip in their fair share. The Red Line has been over a decade in the making and is poised to start construction in 2016. You can learn more about the project by clicking HERE and can voice your support HERE.
connecting people to opportunities

The Central Maryland Transportation Alliance was formed in 2007 as a diverse coalition of corporate and civic leaders uniting business, philanthropic and institutional sectors around a common agenda: improving and expanding transportation options for the citizens and businesses of Central Maryland. Our singular focus is to be a catalyst for improving the region's transportation.