Program Details

Transportation 101 is a 7-week class in which participants meet to learn from local experts and leaders, meet other interested citizens and ultimately put what they learn into action. Transportation 101 will develop leaders who are poised to enhance communities and people’s lives by cultivating a healthy, resilient and more sustainable lifestyle by supporting transit, active transportation and increased access. Transportation 101 graduates will be equipped to provide relevant and timely information to help policy makers, business leaders, and the general public make informed decisions about transportation choices and transportation infrastructure investments in our region.

The Transportation 101 program is modeled after the Denver Transit Alliance Citizens’ Academy that has been in operation for over 10 years and boasts over 800 graduates. The Transportation Alliance believes that engaged and informed citizens are integral to building the region’s transportation future.

At the end of the course Transportation 101 graduates will:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of regional transportation issues and the critical role transportation plays in our lives.
  • Educate fellow citizens about transportation and its important linkages to quality of life.
  • Educate fellow citizens about the importance of investing in transportation service and infrastructure.
  • Become empowered advocates who implement their own action plans related to transportation.
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Spring 2017 Participant Resources

If you need help accessing the below resources or with a general Transportation 101 inquiry, please contact Eric Norton via .


        Action Plan Development: Overview    Worksheet

        Photo Directory: PDF

Session 1, April 26

        Agenda: DOC

        Transportation Alliance opening: PDF

        Dr. Elizabeth Nix: PDF

        Recommended Reading: The Third Rail

Session 2, May 3

        Agenda: PDF

        Dr. Seema Iyer: PDF

        Recommended Reading: Citizens' Academy bios

Session 3, May 10

         Agenda: PDF

         Mike Kelly: PDF

         Recommended Watching: Baltimore's struggle to get to work

         Recommended Listening: Human Transit with Jarrett Walker

Session 4, May 17

         Agenda: PDF

         Kevin Quinn, MTA: PDF

         Mark Pritchard, RTA: PDF

         Ramond Robinson, AA Co.:

         Recommended Reading: The Transit Ridership Recipe

Session 5, May 24

          Agenda: PDF

          Henry Kay Process Overview: PDF

          Panel Graphics: PDF

          Poster Display/ Elevator Speech Help Guide: PDF

          Recommended Reading: Transit Hubs: A Growing Lure for Developers

          Recommended Reading: Metropolitan Revolution, Denver Chapter

Session 6, May 31

Session 7, June 7